Sometimes I wish that being a parent came with a handbook.  I want to make sure that my son becomes a good person but I also want him to enjoy his childhood.  The household debate lately has been if he should start doing chores or not.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love taking care of my son.  And yes, he is spoiled rotten.  But he does have good manners.  He doesn't talk back and if I ask him to do something, he usually does it without complaints.

He is 4 years old and his dad thinks it's time for him to start doing chores.  I disagree.  I think there will be plenty of time for him to throw out the trash or clean his room.  For now I want him to enjoy being 4.  I want him to play and laugh and just have fun.

I do understand the importance of having responsibilities, but he's four!  Is there a certain age that kids need to begin this task?  I'm not sure.  For now I will continue to let him be 4 and chores and responsibilities will come later.

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