As you get older the idea of checking your blood pressure may become more of a reality for you. I never really knew what normal blood pressure really was.  I would have to ask every time. Now I could recite the range the doctors look for.

That happens when you have a run in with high blood pressure and you get put on medication. I now have to refill my prescription every three months. Never have I been on any kind of medication besides my daily vitamins. That all changed in 2020.

If you are one of those who are blessed with thicker thighs there may be some good news for you. Those found to have higher levels of body fat in their legs actually were found to have lower blood pressure.

Those with thinner legs were not as fortunate. Oh and this was scientifically tested by doctors at Rutgers University. So it's not just me saying hey its not my fault I have high blood pressure. I can't just really say I blame it on my legs but their are some correlation.

It seems that the little bit of extra padding in your legs end up helping to protect you from hypertension. So look life is not all bad. I wouldn't recommend you going out to gain weight and extra body fat just to help in this area. It is probably not a good idea. Just something to look at your current situation.

You just need to know a little plumpness is some areas is not always a bad deal.



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