Wine Down and Dessert Wars is this Thursday (11/14) at the Rex Baxter Building on the Tri-State Fair Grounds. Tickets are selling out, and everyone wants to have a good time.

If you still don't have your tickets, you can get them online at by clicking HERE.

Don't ruin it for yourself and everyone else.

Here's a quick heads up on what you'll need to do to have the best time possible.


  • 1

    Show Up Early

    This is going to be a sold out event. Tickets are almost gone. Get there early so you have plenty of time to sample as much wine and food as possible. Doors open at 6pm.

  • 2

    Bring Your ID and Have It Out

    The event is 21+, so you will need to show ID. Don't leave it at home or in the car, and have it out and ready to show at the door. This will keep the line moving fast, which means you get more time to wine and dine.

  • 3

    Have Your Ticket Ready

    You have two options when it comes to presenting your ticket. You can have a printed out, physical copy with you. You can also use the digital copy. Have your tickets out and ready to scan.

  • 4

    Don't Clog The Lane

    There is a lot to sample. Don't stand in front of the table and give the server a 20 year history of your wine addiction that you now claim as "expertise." Get your samples, and keep moving.

  • 5


    We depend on your votes to declare the winner of the Dessert War. You will be handed a ballot. Pick your favorite, and put it in the painfully obvious ballot box.

    It will be a box, with a giant slit in the top, where people are putting pieces of paper.


  • 6

    When It's Time To Leave...LEAVE

    I'm not married to you. We're not family. At closing time, I'm done spending time with you. Go home and give the people who picked you an earful of witty anecdotes.

    Also, throw your trash away on your way out. You have to be at least 21 to get in, so don't treat this like a daycare. Pick up after yourself.

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