The relationship between a mother and child, under most circumstances, is a very strong one. Some mothers feel they have to protect their children, even when they aren't even children any more. If you are a parent then you have probably had the thought "Nobody is good enough for my boy" or girl for that matter.  But when is that "love" crossing the line?  You know that it's a real problem when Dr. Phil does an entire show about it.

I always hear horrible stories of mother-in-laws that interfere too much.  Mother-in-laws that go out of their way to make problems for couples.  Mother-in-laws that always make their child choose a side.  And most of the time these are the mother's of men.  Husbands being forced to choose between their wife and their mom.

Mother-In-Law Signs Married Son Up On Dating Website (VIDEO ABOVE)

Here is a perfect example of a mother-in-law taking things too far.  Last week on Dr. Phil, he had a woman who hated her daughter-in-law so much that she signed her son up on a dating website.  Yes, she was trying to find a new wife for her son.

Mother-In-Law Name Calling

I recently witnessed a friend who was having such a hard time with in-laws.  Mostly it was the husband's mom causing all the problems.  She would call my friend so many horrible names and always belittle her.  Naturally a mother wants whats best for her son, but she wasn't even giving his wife a chance.

Mother-In-Law Tells Wife Her Son Wants A Divorce

Here's a instance, that same friend's husband got put in jail and instead of calling his wife, he called his mother.  Well she took that opportunity and called her daughter-in-law and say that her son wanted a divorce.  That he left town for a while and when he got back he wanted nothing to do with her.  Now none of that was true.  He just called his mom to see if she could help out with his family while he was locked up.

Mother-in-laws think they know what's best, but most of the time all they do is cause problems.  And, in my opinion, I think the husband has a part in it.  Men who are married, should stick up for their wives no matter what.  Tell their moms to back off and stick to their guns.

While not all mother-in-laws are horrible, the ones who are aren't willing to change easily.  I have heard all kinds of stories:  My mother in law thinks I'm a terrible mom; she says I can't cook; I'm a horrible house cleaner, etc, etc, etc.

Why do mom's act like this?  Maybe it's because they feel you stole their baby boy from them.  Maybe they feel you replaced her.  It might be that she is no longer the "woman" in her son's life.  I don't know for sure, but I do know that nobody should have to choose between their wife and their mother.

Sometimes mother and daughter in laws can work it out for the family, but sometimes there is no chance.  It's sad.

So here is today's question, what is the worst thing that your mother-in-law has ever done?

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