I told my coworkers the other day that I was going to take one for the team. I was going to subject myself to two hours of Dr. Phil. I don't usually watch his show but he was going to have Jason Collier on for an interview. You know the disgraced former Police of Chief from Stinnett. The married chief that had many girlfriends.

I wanted to be the woman standing back watching the show. To see what I thought. I had a friend text me before today's show to see what I thought. I said that to me he didn't seem remorseful. To me I saw him laughing in situations he probably shouldn't have been.

I wanted to blame the women some. I am like come on....question the guy. Always. I mean this is why I am forever single. It would have helped you in this situation. I mean how can you introduce your kids after only a week? How can you believe he loves and wants to marry you after a few dates? I mean smarten up.

The fault though is not all on them. Dating or being married to a narcissist.....it's a deal. They will lie about anything. Trust me I know. I have been there and done that. They will swear on anything. Even the life of their child. So I get how these women wanted to believe.

I feel like there are two hours watching this program that I can't get back. I still feel that Jason is a creep. Hey he went back on the dating sites already. So, I mean if you want someone like that. Have at it. Luckily there are now women sharing his info and warning others to stay away. I mean he is still not divorced. I know guys start dating before they are divorced but sometimes they really shouldn't. I mean that is what Dr. Phil said anyway. This is a pattern. Stay away.

So unless you want to read the book that they pushed on each episode, I guess I would say, decide how you feel. I don't feel sorry for Jason. It doesn't seem like he is remorseful regardless. I also don't feel sorry for the women. Maybe, Opal the wife. I mean he convinced her that he was undercover and that is why she should call his mistress and tell her that he was not married when he was. Really?

This is just a messed up story and just seems like a boy who weighed a lot. I mean over 400 pounds. Oh and then he decided to get a gastric sleeve surgery. Then he lost weight as one does. When that happened....guess what? Women paid attention to him. How did he handle it? Oh by dating other women. So here we are. Many people were hurt.


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