So every July we head to Downtown Amarillo. Our goal is to win a new Harley and party the night away. The Harley Party for the Downtown Women's Center is a thing.  I have been there a few years. Heck, supporting Family Support Services after the year they have had. We are all in.

No you won't be able to win the bike this year... but 2020 has kept many issues and events like this from happening. What were the odds anyway? Still keep the best same feeling and help out everyone you can. Isn't this the real reason to help? Really.....isn't it?

They lost their office in Downtown Amarillo earlier this year with a fire. Wow. Has this been a crazy year? Yes, it really has. I mean....we haven't had the events. We weren't able to head downtown to eat....drink and be merry like every July. But Bubba's 33 said "hey stop this and let's step in and help.". I mean Family Support Services still needs our help. Their are many women who can't just sit back and wait. They need our help.

credit: Bubba's 33
credit: Bubba's 33

Here is where you can step in. I mean come on. There is a big event happening at Bubba's 33 on Saturday - 2813 I-40 in Amarillo. Step up and help with the cause.

There will be live music courtesy of the Happy State Bank Stage. Oh and there will be a raffle. So many gift baskets and other prizes to bid on. You know you want to win something. So come on between 11 am and 5 pm and do just that.

Make your plans to also eat in the restaurant....because why would you not? Just know that 10 percent will go and help out Family Support Services. Every year they have the Harley Party. This is one of their biggest fundraisers....I mean come on. You can still help out. Maybe you won't win a Harley but how good will you actually feel helping out all these abused and neglected women? Really become a reason and a helper this year and enjoy this fun event in the parking lot of Bubba's and then take it inside for a great meal.


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