If there is one thing that I hate is when people say they are going to do something and then do something different.  Yesterday I locked my keys in my car and the lock company lied to me!

Over the years I have locked my keys in my car many many times.  Usually, my windows are open or my hubby is at home to bring me my spare keys.  Well yesterday I wasn't so lucky.  I was out paying bills when it all happened.

As soon as I got out of my car and shut the door, I realized I didn't have my keys.  So I called a local company that is known for unlocking car doors.  They were very polite and said it would be 15 minutes.

Not a long wait so I said ok.  Turns out their 15 minutes is really an hour!  I was so angry.  If I'd known that they were going to leave me sitting outside in the hot sun for one hour I would have called someone else.

Then, what really got to me was when the young man got there.  He said sorry I was helping somebody in Canyon.

WTH?! If you know you are in Canyon don't tell me it will be 15 minutes.  I hate when companies lie or stretch the truth.  If you say something mean it.  I am just glad that my son wasn't with me at the time.

Have you ever had a business lie to you?


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