The title says it all. Someone, please, explain to me why pickleball seems to be all I've been hearing about for the past year in Amarillo.

What Is Pickleball?

It's a game that's been around since 1965, at least that's what Wikipedia told me. The origins of the name are debated. Some say it was named after a dog named Pickles. Others say that it derives its name from the Pickle Boat.

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There are dinks, kitchens, rallies, and poaching. It's played with what amounts to a wiffle ball, a paddle, and on a court that somewhat resembles a badminton court.

Why Does It Look Like Like Badminton?

I've joked that it looks like someone forgot their badminton gear and just improvised, but that's actually part of the origin story. The game is played like a mix between Badminton and ping pong, with some nods to tennis.

What Does This Have To Do With Amarillo?

Today, I came across a social media post from Amarillo Parks and Rec. Friends and neighbors, they're starting a pickleball league. According to their post, it's the fastest growing sport in America.

The league starts on May 17.

It seems like there is a constant stream of organizations that are picking up pickleball. There are country clubs in the area that have taken up pickleball. I've seen it used in fundraisers. Now, the city is having a league.

I have yet to experience whatever it is that makes this sport so magical. Maybe one of these nights I can find my way out to an open play and see for myself.

Meanwhile, if you're interested in the league you can check out this link.

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