A friend of mine tipped me off to bottles of water at Pak-A-Sak that were infused with CBD oil. It's called Natural Eze Hemp Water. How could I not get a bottle, chug it, and let you know of any side effects or after tastes.

Gas stations are known for a lot of things. Gas. Sketchy food. Pills to wake you up. Pills to wake "other things" up. They're now cashing in on the CBD craze.

The bottle is 1 liter of water infused with 10mg of CBD hemp oil. Far out, man.


After chugging the water, I didn't notice any immediate changes in anything. My shirt was wet around the collar. My stomach was a little "rumbly," but that could be from the Topo Chico I had earlier.

If you're still in the dark about CBD, it is not "pot." Though CBD and THC come from the same classification of plant, they couldn't be more different. THC is what gets you "high."

Charlie Hardin Townsquare Media Amarillo
Charlie Hardin Townsquare Media Amarillo

There are claims that CBD is able to help with everything from every day aches and pains to anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The phrase "help, not high" is often used by CBD stores and proponents.

Me? I'm still on the fence.

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