Several beloved teen-facing dramas will close out their final season in the coming year — CW's The Vampire Diaries and MTV's Teen Wolf among them — and we've yet to hear a final word on whether Freeform's Pretty Little Liars will also bow out at the end of Season 7. Actor Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz on the show, told the Hollywood Reporter that they're still waiting to hear, but admits there's a definite "senior year" vibe on set. 

"I’ve heard rumors batting around of if it’s done or not done, but no one has come to me and said, 'Ian, you’re totally done.'," Harding told THR. "I’m planning ahead accordingly just in case."

Not that series creator I. Marlene King and her writers don't have time to wrap up its 8 million storylines and mysteries — the PLL midseason finale airs on August 30, but the second half of Season 7 won't resume until early 2017. Still, while anyone who follows Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell on Snapchat knows that the cast gets along adorably well, Harding says everyone is as eager to pursue new projects as they are grateful to have been so successful with the soapy mystery drama.

"It feels kind of like senior year of college, where people are clearly excited and grateful for their time. People are excited for maybe something different, but are simultaneously grateful and aware of the luck and absolute motherlode we hit with this show,” Harding admitted.

And as for his thoughts on how the show should end...well, let's hope King and the rest of the powers that be don't take Harding's terrible plot ideas into consideration. While he fancies the idea of it to "all be a dream" with the camera revealing EzRia "in prosthetic makeup á la the end of Harry Potter so we look really old with kids and all that" (NOPE), he seems to share co-star Lucy Hale's hopes that things will wrap on a very dark note.

The earth would be torn asunder by the force of frustrated fans' screams of agony should Harding's visions come true, but hear him out: "Maybe something horrible happens and we don’t know what happens to the girls, like they all drive off a cliff. And then the camera pans out and I’m laughing maniacally," Harding joked. "I think it would be fun if we found out Ezra was behind it the whole time."

That might be a little too Season 4 — but then, nothing's out of the question in this show. Share your ideas on how Pretty Little Liars should end (and when) in the comments.



The PLL Cast, Season 1 and Now

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