The Pretty Little Liars Season 7A summer finale left us floored on Tuesday night (August 30). So much happened in less than 60 minutes: A romantic reunion, a pregnancy, a shocking reveal of who Mary Drake's other child is, an Emison kiss, and a death so horrifying it was almost hilarious (that stairs roll!). And that was barely the half of it. PLL doesn't return for its final 10-episode run in April 2017 — but fortunately, show runner I. Marlene King spilled some crucial details on what to expect in an interview with TV Guide. She also provided insight on some of the 7A finale's cliffhangers.

Alison, who revealed to Emily that she'd become pregnant by Archer, is keepin' that baby (remember when Emily's eggs were stolen? Yeah, us too. Hmm). But you won't see super-preggo Ali right away, as King says the 7B premiere action will pick up "moments later." And Emison fans shouldn't expect smooth sailing for Ali and Emily right away.

"Paige is not gone for good. This is our season of homecomings and full-circle moments. These last 10 episodes really create the 'full-circleness' of the show and where we hope to go," King told TV Guide. "Having that triangle play out felt very appropriate for us as storytellers in these last 10 episodes." Does this mean Paige and Emily are endgame? Because to say the fandom is divided understatement.

As for Mary Drake's stunning confession to (a shot and bleeding) Spencer that she's her other child, King says it will be "the driving engine for Spencer's emotional story" in April. We'll also learn who Charlotte and Spencer's biological fathers are, and King says Spencer's story "originated from the books" of Sara Shepard's YA series.

You'll see at least one possibly-shady face returning, too: Wren Kingston, everyone's favorite mysterious British doctor (an actual medical doctor, unlike Rollins/Archer). And he'll be in more than one episode! Melissa Hastings, on the other hand, may not make it, as actress Torrey DeVitto's busy filming NBC's Chicago Med these days.

Was Uber A behind Toby and Yvonne's truck crash? King insists it was simply a symbolic accident, "just saying that no one ever really leaves Rosewood, especially from this group." On Toby's survival, she simply says he's "one of her favorites," so we remain un-worried.

Head over to TV Guide to read more revelations from King, including whether Jenna's affiliated with A.D./Uber A and whether we'll ever see a Pretty Little Liars movie [*prays silently*].

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