Get excited Beyonce fans! Queen Bey may be starting a new TV network where we'll be able to watch her slay 24/7. According to The Sun, an insider shared that the Bey is indeed looking to make a big move to television.

“She intends to create her own TV network just like Oprah,” said the source. "Her entertainment company Parkwood is doing very well and her desire is to create a network so she can have the freedom to bring the ideas of her closest creative friends to life."

Similar to Beyonce's documentary, Life is But a Dream, the rumored network would showcase behind-the-scenes looks at Beyonce's work and personal life; while also reportedly airing documentaries on African and American history. Unfortunately,  it may be a while before the new network actually happens.

“The plan is to develop it within the next decade," shared the source.

As for the new network, we wouldn't be surprised if Beyonce asked her BFF Oprah for some advice since the mogul started her own channel not too long ago. All in all, we can't wait.

Will you be tuning to the Bey's network?


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