For those who long to see the undiluted awesome that is Ian McKellen on a more regular basis than such spaced-out upcoming tentpole pictures as 'The Hobbit' trilogy, good news is at hand.  The knighted Shakespearean actor best known to American audiences for his turns as both Magneto of the 'X-Men' films and Gandalf of all things 'Lord of the Rings' has landed a deal for upcoming ITV sitcom 'Vicious,' but what could possibly bring the esteemed star to the small screen?

One doesn't usually think of a TV series regular when it comes to Ian McKellen, but all that will change with the coming of ITV's new sitcom 'Vicious.'  As told by The Hollywood Reporter, the sitcom was initially reported to follow McKellen and Derek Jacobi as "friends that bicker, argue and are delightfully vicious to each other," but has since been updated to reflect the pair will in fact portray a gay couple.

Penned by 'Family Guy' writer and 'Will & Grace' producer Gary Janetti, along with British playwright Mark Ravenhill, 'Vicious' sees McKellen as retired actor Freddie living with his ex-barman partner Stuart, as the two read, walk their dog and bicker.  Sounds like British comedy to us!

What say you?  Would you tune in to see Ian McKellen in his own sitcom?  How vicious does 'Vicious' sound to you?  Take a look at this clip from HBO's 'Extra's if you doubt McKellen's comedy prowess.

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