It's official The Bundys are baaack! One of the most popular 90's show Married With Children are working on a reunion.

David Faustino, who played Bud on the sitcom, says he's developing a "spin-off" of the series. Married With Children show ran for 11 seasons until 1997, it was a dysfunctional Bundy family with Ed O'Neill as shoe salesman Al and Katey Sagal as his wife Peggy. Applegate confirmed Faustino's statement as saying, "All of us have said we would all be there for [Faustino.]" Imagining what her character Kelly would be up to now, she said, "Kelly Bundy probably has like 10 kids. I'm sure of it."

I hope they can make this reunion happen because I was a huge Married With children fan!

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