After the original Friday was released, Chris Tucker decided not to join Ice Cube for a sequel. Everyone had a different theory on why he didn't do the sequel, but now it seems like he is returning for another "Friday" movie.
Rumors have been surfacing for the past couple months about Ice Cube resurrecting the "Friday" franchise. Well reps for Cube Vision Production have confirmed it. They say that Ice Cube is very excited and is going to make this happen. The studio has been in talks with all the original cast members including Smokey. Yes Chris Tucker is going to be joining the cast.
Now I always say that nothing is ever 'official' until the film shooting begins. Contracts and money still have to be worked out, but those are just details.
I will admit that the first 'Friday' movie was the best one, but I hope they include Mike Epps in the new movie. I think Day-Day and Smokey could make for some awesome laughs.
This will be the fourth installment in the Friday Franchise. Will you watch it?

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