So now I'm confused about this Jessica Simpson deal?  Yesterday In Touch Weekly announced her excitement about being pregnant, but then US Magazine says she just postponed the wedding date?  Is it because of the baby?  Was it due to a shortage of nachos & chocolate ice cream?  Was she visited by an angel in her sleep that told her to walk her child up to the top of a mountain and sacrifice it?  Let's do some digging and find out! (From Us Magazine)

Jessica Simpson's ex-hubby Nick Lachey remarried in July, but the Fashion Star mentor is in no rush to say "I do" to fiance Eric Johnson. Although it's been over 10 months since Johnson, 32, proposed, insiders tell the new Us Weekly -- on stands Friday -- that all wedding plans have been put on hold.

"Everything is up in the air," a source tells Us. "She can't figure out what kind of day she wants. Some days she wants a big wedding in Hawaii, then other days she wants something closer to home."

But some of the 30-year-old singer's friends fear the delay is due to more than just venue indecision. "She was so gung ho about planning their wedding, and now she's gone dark," says a pal. "She won't commit to a date."

Okay who the hell is Nick Lachey and why should I care?  Oh is he that boy band reject?  I guess so, anyways moving on with the blog.  My good friend that I've never met or talked to that blogs on says this

Well my sources tell me the delay is because Jessica can’t find a caterer willing to stuff a pig with another pig and deep fry it on a stick. “I want ma double piggy-sicle,” Jessica shrieked when asked for a comment.

That was no help at all.  How about this: (From Exposay)

Jessica Simpson has reportedly postponed her wedding.

The singer-and-actress was due to wed former NFL player Eric Johnson in November but has decided to put a halt to the nuptials because she doesn't know what kind of day she wants.

Okay so I guess it's all because she hasn't figured out what kind of wedding she wants.  Even though she was proposed to 10 months ago and already had the date set, it's been put on hold.  Wait a second I just slapped myself because this doesn't make sense!  Is that really what's stopping her?  I bet it has something to do with the fact that she's engaged to a former "he-whore" that probably messed around on her and now she's going through a conflict to either ditch him and let down her family or go through with it.  Ah yes skeletons in the closet!

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