As I was patiently waiting for the light to turn green at Soncy and I-40, I gazed across the intersection and found myself left with several questions. The main question I found myself asking was why someone would do this. Then I became hyper focused on the amateur level job that was done.

If you have to make some kind of statement in Amarillo, at least try to plan it better.

There's Art, And Then There's This

Given the location of the graffiti, it's hard for me to believe this was just a random act of vandalism. It's at Soncy and I-40. Soncy is a major road filled to the brim with all manner of shopping centers and major national brand names.

The words "consume, consume, consume" seem to be an obvious statement regarding the consumer driven society we live in. Especially in that location.

Either that, or they're encouraging you to be sure and get your money's worth at Twin Peaks.

The Major Problems With This Lackluster Statement

First of all, there was obviously little to no planning done. The message would have more potency if the letters weren't crammed together like you're trying to fill out forms in a doctor's office.

Also, once you get through that intersection there isn't much to consume other than hotel rooms. Perhaps your messaging is facing the wrong direction.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

The choice to only use one color of paint also shows there was no real planning involved. Instead of doing a real eye-catching piece of art that makes a statement in regards to consumerism, you just cluttered up the view with scribbles.

Do better.

What A Waste Of Everyone's Time

Honestly, I'm mad. I'm giving whoever did this a lot of credit by assuming they were wanting to make some kind of statement. I'm mad because they didn't do more for their own cause.

I'm mad because you wasted your time and mine. Yours by doing this. Mine for making me look at your lack of an attempt.

At least we have several gifted artists in town who put actual thought, planning, and talent into their art.

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