You may not have to take an IQ test to learn you might be a genius. Science has stepped in and done the work for us.  If you have these characteristics, you might have a high IQ.Love To Swear.  A study shows that people who love to swear often have a bigger vocabulary than those who don't.

Messy.  According to a study from the University of Minnesota, people who are messy are often very creative.

Sensitive to Certain Noises.  20% of the world's population has a sensitivity to loud noises. It's called "misophonia". These people tend to be more creative.

You Talk To Yourself.  Talking to yourself is beneficial. seemingly it helps your “brain work more efficiently,” while helping you reach your goals.

You Probably Drink. According to "Psychology Today", there may be a correlation of childhood intelligence and consuming alcohol as an adult.  Modern alcohol production is considered an "evolutionary novel" phenomenon.  More intelligent people tend to engage in evolutionary novel behavior.

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