With some people looking forward to partying it up for New Year's Eve that means there might be some drinking going on. Here's some helpful tips that might help cure that nasty hangover!


New Years Eve hangover survival tips:


Drink plenty of water -  Drinking a large amount of water before, during and after the event. Alcohol dehydrates you which causes a lot of the hangover pains. Water is a great way to beat those effects.

Ginger or Peppermint - Ginger is a natural and effective remedy for stomachs that are really feeling the effects of one too many. Make sure you're getting a good amount of real ginger. Ginger capsules are available in some store and can do the job to settle the stomach. Peppermint is also a great natural aid for indigestion and stomach problems, but chew actual leaves, not minty gum. Real peppermint tea is a good solution if you can't find real leaves in your local store.

Lemon-aid (or lime-aid) - Lemons and limes contain a lot of natural sugars. Adding two or three tablespoons to a glass of water or coffee will help stabilize your blood sugar.

Shot of Wheatgrass - Wheatgrass is considered to be a natural detoxifier, cleansing the body's blood and water and revitalizing the cells. It also contains powerful detoxifying agents and assists in hydration. Drink a glass at night before going to bed, and one the next morning for it to be effective. Beware may taste nasty!

Milk Thistle -  Available at some vitamin stores around town, milk thistle (silymarin) protects liver cells from toxins. It should be taken before going out for a few drinks maybe with a small snack.

Raw Egg -  Eggs contain "albumin." It's a protein in eggs that helps to rehydrate cells (the same ones you dehydrated the night before). Try to chug them raw, if you can stomach them in. Trust me you will feel much better!

Over The Counter Drugs - Such as Ibuprofen, Alka-Seltzer, and Pepto-Bismol. If  You're in pain, and pain relievers will help to dull that pain. You can also try Tiger Balm, clove oil or any other cooling medication on your head, the back of your neck, and your temples. This should provide some relief.

Honey on Crackers -  Honey is another one of those high fructose ingredients that helps your body get rid of the alcohol faster. So pour some on a cracker or two and put that hangover in its place.

Honey Banana Milkshake -  Mix bananas with honey and milk and make a hangover-busting milkshake. The banana helps to calm the stomach, as does the milk. The honey and banana both contain natural sugars to restore your blood sugar levels back to normal. The milk also rehydrates you. And best of all, bananas are rich in electrolytes, magnesium and potassium, which are killed by heavy drinking.

Mustard Bath -  All you need to do is add a few tablespoons of mustard powder to a hot bath and soak for 20 minutes. Mustard has the ability to increase circulation and draw toxins out from the body. Try it out.

My final tip for the best hangover is maybe not drinking at all, then you wont have to go through and headaches, stomach pains and especially having to call into work the next day...Hope some of these tips were helpful good luck and Happy New Year!


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