City pride, charm and recognition. These are all things people look for when moving to a new place. From experience (I've moved more times than I can count), I can tell you these are things I value in the city I live in. When a city has a water tower, it's a HUGE landmark and impossible to miss...and a great branding opportunity. The problem with Amarillo's water tower? It's just one color, doesn't tell you where you are or have any character. So why is that?

Well it's because the Amarillo city code states that in order to do something like that, it has to be put to a vote...and oh yeah, someone has to pay for it. Well, some fellow Amarillo residents have taken matters into their own hands to add some character...and recognition to our city. The Amarillo Legal Department has agreed to let the water tower be painted with an "Amarillo 66" logo to celebrate the famous Route 66, but that's just step one.

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In order to paint the water tower, it'll take $18,000 to make it happen. Oh yeah, once the money has been raised, it has to go to the Amarillo City Council where they'll have to vote to update the city code in order to allow painting on he water towers. Personally, I'd love to see the water tower get it's logo. You'd be amazed at how much character it adds to the city when people see it.

So how can you donate? It's pretty simple actually. You can donate any amount by sending PayPal to the address, but if you donate $66 or more, you'll receive a Certificate of Participation showing you were a part of the tower painting. Let's band together and do this Amarillo!

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