It's been one of the longest on-going sagas at least in my time here in Amarillo. Every single time we think it's coming to an end, something happens and we're right back to where we started.

Excitement turns to disappointment which turns back into excitement. Then a few months go by and we're right back to disappointment. Well I have some good news, we can turn on the excitement switch again, and this time it looks like we can leave it on.

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Buc-ee's has been trying to start construction on their store here in Amarillo, a $30 million dollar project for the 53,000 square foot store. The anticipation of this popping up at I-40 & Airport Blvd. has been building for what, a year now?

It finally appears the waiting for construction to begin has come to an end. If you recall, there was this little 3+ acre plot of land that was in dispute with SpeedCo, the company that owns Love's Truck Stops. It was wrapped around an easement that would allow trucks to exit off the highway to get to a SpeedCo location.

Buc-ee's wasn't fighting for the trucker business as you may, or may not, know that Buc-ee's doesn't allow semi-trucks at their locations. Well the fight is over, as the Amarillo Planning & Zoning Commission has approved the easement for that 3 acre plot of land. That will officially pave the way for Buc-ee's to begin construction.

Now we aren't QUITE at the finish line. We're waiting on the Amarillo City Council to give their final approval on this, and that's viewed as just a formality. The city council had already approved the project for the 24 acres Buc-ee's needed in order to build, so this should pass with flying colors.

Why wouldn't the city approve it? It's anticipated to bring in 150 jobs to Amarillo as well as drive $8 million into the Amarillo economy PER YEAR. So get ready to chow down on those Beaver Nuggets, because we're about to FINALLY get our Buc-ee's.

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