Okay here's the deal The Simpsons aren't "canceled" per say but this could indeed be the final, finished, kiss your yellow cartoon butt goodbye season.  What's it come down to?  Money of course!  DUH! I mean DOH!  

So here's the big run down on it the cast members have to agree to a huge pay cut in order to keep the show going.  And they have to make this agreement by end of day today.


Fox wants “The Simpsons” for one more season at most — and only if it can pay 25 to 30 percent less for it, an executive close to the show told TheWrap. The disclosure comes as producers have agreed to salary cuts to keep the show going, and the show’s six voice actors have been asked to decide by Friday whether they will agree to have their payment cut almost in half.
TheWrap reported Wednesday that, as ammunition in their salary dispute, the actors have commissioned a study estimating the show has made $1 billion in profits over its 23-season run. The study projected that the studio will eventually make about $2.9 billion from the show.


CBSNews reports that 1 and only 1 actor is agreeing to a pay cut

(AP)  NEW YORK — One of the voice actors on "The Simpsons" says he's willing to cut his salary by 70 percent to keep the show going in exchange for a taste of the production's profits.

Harry Shearer is one of six actors who provide voices for the animated characters on Fox's Sunday night show. He said Friday that producers turned down his offer.

Twentieth Century Fox Television spokesman Chris Alexander says the company will not comment.

The negotiations are said to threaten the future of the comedy, which entered its 23rd season last month.

Shearer provides the voices for the characters of Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders and others.


It's not looking good, but then again when was the last time you actually saw a "good" episode of the Simpsons?  10 years?  They've been sucking for a long time.  They had a great 23 year run, but all good (or in this case crappy) things must come to an end.  I mean come on it made over a billion dollars!  When Bart Simpson was asked about it all he could say is "Ay caramba we going unda!"

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