I find it hard to be a good gift giver.  I can never be 100% sure if the gift receiver will like the gift or if I just wasted my money.  I often find myself buying myself my own gifts, is that wrong?

My hubby loves to buy me things, but he usually takes me along to pick out what I want.  On Valentine's day, he took me to a jewelry store and said, "I want to buy you a watch, so pick one out."  I love this.  Because he feels good for getting me something nice and I feel great because I have something I like.

Well, last week I decided that I wanted some new earrings.  So I took his credit card and bought me some.  When he got home, I told him: 'look what you bought me.  Do you like them?"

I didn't get the reaction I was looking for. :(  He looked at me weird and said "yeah I guess."  I realized that maybe I crossed the line.  I figured since I usually get to pick my gifts out anyways that it'd be fine.

Fortunately, he let me keep them.  But next time, I won't go behind his back and buy myself a gift from him.  Was it really that wrong for me to do?