Since the beginning of the hit show, Ryan Seacrest has been a major part for viewers.  So is he American Idol after this season?

It is no secret that Ryan Seacrest is facing a dilemma with his American Idol contract.  A contract that will be expiring very soon.  Will he renew or go his separate way?

We don't know.  All we know is that his contract his expiring soon.  Rumors are that producers of the show are wanting to cut his salary.  Seacrest made $15 million for this season.  That is a whole lot of money.  Now we have been hearing that money isn't going to be a factor.  If the producers decide to cut his salary for next season, Nigel Lythgoe says he will pay the rest out of his own pocket.

So what might be some other reasons for leaving?  Besides hosting American Idol, he does E! News, a radio show, and produces a variety of reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

But he also has another interesting offer.  In December we heard that Ryan was in talks with NBC to join the Today Show if Matt Lauer leaves in 2012.

He is a hot commodity but nobody will say what his plans are.  I guess we will just have to wait and see.  I will say this, though, American Idol will not be the same without him.

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