We can safely say that the weather here in the Texas Panhandle could be pretty crazy. I like to call it the bi-polar express. That is for sure. It is not unusual to switch from one season to another.

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Sometimes that can happen in one day or in the matter of days. We can wake up to sunshine. It can quickly turn to windy and cold. We could see some thunderstorms that then turn to snow. If you have lived any time here in the Texas Panhandle, not only do you know exactly what I am talking about, but you have lived it.

We have been told time and time again that we need to wait until after Mother's Day to plant outdoors. Case in point we had cold and freezing temperatures just last week. I saw a lot of my Facebook friends scrambling to either move in plants or at least cover them. I just was shaking my head. How long have you lived here? This seems to happen a lot. We get excited about the nicer temperatures and think maybe this is the year we will be safe. Only to make that mad dash.

So here we are wrapping up the month of April. May 1st will be here over the weekend. It may actually be safe to start the planting. Last Wednesday, April 21st we had temperatures below freezing overnight. That was the last time. Even looking ahead we don't have any heading our way. We are so close to Mother's Day, which is May 9th. Don't want you to make mom mad and forger her. I think it is safe to say we have made it this year.

credit: The Weather Channel
credit: The Weather Channel

No freezing temperatures this week or next week. We could be out of the woods for the year. All of the pretty flowers should be safe at last.


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