Ok, so we're in the middle of a heatwave. No big deal, right? I mean we're from Texas, we love the heat, we expect the heat.

Anything under 80 degrees and we're just downright chilly. Winter coats start coming out and hoodies are being worn when they say the high is going to be 77 degrees.

I bring this up because my wife and I have family from a lot of cooler types of climates. Colorado and Oregon just to name a couple. They have a tendency to look at the weather from time to time and see what we're dealing with compared to them.

The most common remark we get is, "man it's looking hot out there", and the high temp is supposed to be 97. We're like, it's really not too bad out there right now. Recently, we've seen a run of temps in the 100's and they think we're melting down here.

We're Texans, we adore the heat right? I was messing around on Facebook and stumbled upon a page called, "It's A Texan Thing" and they had some of the best memes about Texans and heat, and I just had to share a few.

I mean, this couldn't be more spot on if it tried. We fully expect temps in the 100 range during summer, and when we don't get them, we talk about how mild the summer has been.

Ok, this one is pretty spot on. It has been a relatively mild summer up until the last week or so, and this is definitely what it feels like happened the past few days. It's like the sun just puked on us.

Now even though we're used to the heat, it doesn't mean things always work properly, and I would agree this is exactly how my body feels if I pop up too quickly from being outside in the heat. Everything in my body throws up a warning sign.

So the next time someone mentions heat to you in the 90's, just throw one of these memes at them. They'll understand...or they won't.

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