It's an unfortunate reality that too many people are all too familiar with: thousands of vehicles are stolen every year here in the great state of Texas.

The truth is, no matter what kind of vehicle you're driving, wisdom says it is always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings when you park your car. And for Pete's sake, at least lock your car door. The truth is, there's always a chance any car of any make or model is at risk of being stolen by those with nefarious purposes.

However, statistically, there are some vehicles that are more likely to be stolen than others. And what's even more interesting? It's not even the newest cars necessarily that thieves target the most.

Why is that?

Part of the reason is because somewhat older vehicles don't have the same safety and security features that some of the newer ones do.

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I tend to agree with this article from While the writer understands why many are choosing to hold onto an older vehicle right now when car prices have gone so high, unfortunately, these older vehicles don't have the same safety features as some of the newer ones.

While we won't necessarily get into the specific year model of these most commonly stolen vehicles in the state of Texas, I thought this list was rather interesting. Furthermore, and perhaps unsurprisingly, quite a few on this list are full-size pickups.

Alright. Let's dig into this quick list of the ten most commonly stolen vehicles in the state of Texas according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau 'Hot Wheels' list:

10 Most Stolen Vehicles in Texas

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau here are the 10 most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas.

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