A Lubbock, TX man who ordered food through DoorDash had one heck of an unpleasant delivery--and it was caught on video.

Last Friday, Johnathan Washington placed his order of McDonald's through DoorDash.  The female DoorDasher who accepted the delivery of Washington's order arrived at his home a short time later. Nobody could have possibly expected the explosive exchange that would soon erupt.

The woman can be seen on video as she approaches Washington's front door, places his food at the door, and then forcefully bangs loudly on the door with her fist before walking away. Washington had been alarmed by the woman's thundering knocks and let her know when he opened the door.

That's when the situation took a rapid and unprecedented turn. The woman responded to Washington by yelling back, yelled back at him, and then tossed the proverbial gasoline on the fire and escalated the situation by unloading a racial slur: "BLACK A** N*****!"

But Why? Y Tho? It's 2023.

It's kind of hard to believe that in this year of our lord 2023, people will so freely go for the most hateful, racist slur to use in an confrontation. There's just no excuse.  It's as though she was just waiting for an opportunity to say something like that to someone and simply took advantage of it in that moment. It's disgusting.

"Your first defense isn’t to insult someone based on the color of their skin," Johnathan told me, while we were discussing the video. He said, "I just want the racism to stop. I was truly blown away by how she reacted. She was in the wrong."

What Happened After That?

According to Washington, he made a complaint about the woman to DoorDash. The company compensated him with a $12 credit for the incident. As for the DoorDasher? Washington says he found out that the woman was working under someone else's name and was not using their own account for deliveries. Which seems a little iffy, legally.

Without Further Ado, The Video

Before you check out this video, I want to warn you that it is not safe for work. View discretion is advised.

Do you recognize this person? If so, you might not want to let them use your DoorDash account anymore. It's pretty clear that they don't know how to be professional and are an icky racist. Shame on them.

This type of behavior should never be tolerated and it's up to YOU, dear reader, as a friendly, non-racist, helpful, and kind human being to stomp this crap out as soon as you come across it.

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