I love Amarillo's historic district of Wolflin. Every time i see a home listed in this neighborhood, I get excited.

No, I could never afford these homes. But I sure do love taking a tour of the listings. Call it window shopping.

And this lovely home at 3207 S. Parker is a true beaut. It's a 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom estate that's listed for $1,090,000.

The dining hall (yes, I said hall) is huge and there's a fireplace in there! There's a grand staircase that leads to a second level--a second level that has two bedrooms and a theater room.

It's absolutely beautiful. So go ahead, take a tour. Feast your eyes!

The White Jewel Of Wolflin Is On The Market For $1.1 Million

This beautiful Wolflin home can be found at 3207 S Parker and is listed with Cornerstone Realty Group w/ RockOne Realty, LLC for a modest $1.1 million.

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