In the past couple of years, UFOs and extraterrestrials have dominated the news headlines. There have been government hearings held regarding information that is out there regarding the existence of UFOs and their owners. Something you may not have known is that Texas has a very long history with UFOs. There's even a UFO pilot buried in Texas...supposedly.

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Texas Is Supposedly Home To An Extraterrestrial Burial Site

The crazy thing about this crazy thing is that the burial site is in a cemetery. There is supposedly a marker that symbolizes the final resting place of someone possibly not from this world, and people still leave little tributes in memory of the galactic traveler.

I suppose this UFO pilot could have done a lot worse. He could have crashed in New Mexico.

So where is this grave of a UFO pilot?

Say Hello To Aurora, Texas; Home Of The Grave Of A UFO Pilot

According to legend, this little bitty town was the site of a UFO crash way before Roswell ever tried its hand at getting some galactic clout. The whole incident supposedly went down in April of 1897. That's when the UFO crashed at Aurora.


Supposedly, the UFO crashed into a windmill on a judge's property at around 6 AM. The UFO continued its crash into the ground and did a number on the judge's garden.

The Martian That Died In The Aurora, Texas Incident

The way the story goes, there was supposedly a little Martian-type person inside of the wreckage of the UFO. Locals were able to dig it out of the debris, and in true Texas fashion, they decided that it would be only proper that they gave the little feller a proper burial with Christian rites.

That is hands down the most "Texas" thing I think I've ever heard. An extraterrestrial crash lands in your yard, so you bury him and hand him over to Jesus. God bless the Lone Star State. There's even mention of the UFO incident on the historical marker at the cemetery.

Did A UFO Really Crash In Aurora, Texas?

That's an interesting question. There are plenty of "haters" and "deniers" who want to point at all the holes in the legend of the UFO pilot buried in the local cemetery in Aurora, Texas. There are, however, those who still believe.


Supposedly, the guy who wound up buying the judge's land where the crash happened found some metal from the crash at the bottom of the well. According to legend, he developed a nasty case of arthritis thanks to the water that was tainted by the extraterrestrial metal.

I suppose we may never know for certain.

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