A recent study was done to determine the top high schools in the nation. Once the data was collected it was separated by state, and then by metro area. We have a lot of options in the Amarillo area when it comes to education. Here are the five schools that came out on top.

What Makes A High School One Of The Top Five?

U.S. News conducted the study, and the criteria they looked at included the obvious things like college readiness (scored by looking at AP and IB exam scores), college curriculum breadth, how they did on state standardized tests, underserved student performance, and graduation rates.

It's all pretty common sense stuff. They looked at which schools were preparing kids for college the best, and which ones had the best graduation rates.

Which High Schools In Amarillo, Texas Made The Top 5?

The top five high schools in the Amarillo area (according to the study) are:

Amarillo High School came out on top with an overall score of 77.2. Claude has a 100% graduation rate at the time of the study, which is pretty impressive. Click on the links above for a total breakdown of how the schools ranked, and information for each individual school.

How Did We Rank Against Other Schools In Texas?

Amarillo came in at 363rd in the state, according to the study. Claude came in 666th. Bushland was 694th.

I wonder how much population size plays into the rankings overall. Also, there are those schools in Texas that are designed to specifically cater to those who are "gifted and talented". Take the number one school in Texas. The top of the Lone Star heap is The School for the Talented and Gifted in Dallas. It's kind of hard to compete with a school that requires students to take multiple AP courses and includes extra mini-courses like glass blowing. You can see the full results here.

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