This month sees the return of one of Amarillo's many conventions. Yes, we're officially getting into cosplay season. Soon there will be gaming, awards, celebs, and anime characters will be taking over the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. On deck is YC3, or Yellow City Comic Convention.

Big Stars Are Making Their Way To Amarillo, Texas For YC3

This year, the guest list for YC3 is phenomenal. I haven't been this excited about a guest list in a long time. There are several names listed in a recent press release, and they all excite me. First is a name that almost everyone will be familiar with.

The one and only Sylvester McCoy is slated to appear at this year's YC3. Yes, Sylvester McCoy. The Seventh Doctor in the original run of Doctor Who. Radagast The Brown from The Hobbit trilogy. Sylvester McCoy has been entertaining audiences in iconic roles for a long time. It can't be overstated just how exciting it is to have him in Amarillo.

In what is possibly the coolest teamup in Amarillo convention history, Sylvester McCoy will be joined by Sophie Aldred. She played the Seventh Doctor's companion, Ace. How often do you get to see the Doctor and his companion in Amarillo? Not often enough.

Also appearing this year will be Kat Cressida. She has done voice work for Dexter's Laboratory, Disney's Tarzan, and even worked on Avatar.

If you're a fan of Aliens, you'll love getting to see Mark Rolston and Jennette Goldstein. Both have impressive careers in sci-fi, horror, on-screen and doing voice work. Both have played iconic roles in many movies. These names are just the tip of the iceberg.

Go To YC3 Prepared To Get Your Game On

This year, YC3 will once again be offering a lot to gamers who attend the convention. They will also be stepping things up a notch. According to a press release, there will be the usual emphasis on casual and competitive gaming with more events scheduled this year than ever before. There will also be bigger prizes at stake than ever before.

YC3 is slated for April 19 - 21 this year at the Amarillo Civic Center Complex. For complete details and ticket information, go to the Yellow City Comic Convention website at this link. Break out your best cosplay, warm up the D20, fix the drift on your controller, and practice not totally freaking out when you meet your heroes for this year's YC3.

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