We've talked a lot about the amount of rain we've received in Amarillo, TX. over the last month and a half. Just when we think we're going to get some relief, it starts dumping on us again. We know about all the flooding issues it's caused, and that is clearly the first and foremost concern in the city.

The one thing we don't necessarily think about though is what other issues the rain causes from a recreational standpoint. Activities such as simply going out for a walk become a risky proposition. I know we've had multiple baseball games canceled for my kids because the fields are unplayable.

This is the time of year where you normally see golf courses around the city packed with people. Everyone out there doing their best Tiger Woods or Happy Gilmore impression depending on who you are. With all the rain we've received though, it's made it impossible to get out there. The ground is beyond wet and soggy making the courses unplayable.

Well good news duffers! You now have your own indoor facility you can go to and still get a round in, and you can do it without the walking or driving the cart around.

The West Texas Golf Lounge recently opened up, and it's a perfect outlet to make sure you keep your golf game tight, while still getting to play a full 18 holes. The best part? You can complete an entire round in probably around an hour, maybe even less.

Inside, you'll find three bays open to the public and one private bay that can be reserved for parties and other events. Each bay uses Trackman technology that has two different radars on it to provide some very accurate readings. One radar will capture the ball itself, while the other radar helps capture things such as your club speed. There is a camera that teams up with the club data collected that helps simulate exactly what your ball would've done on an open course.

It looks to be a very entertaining time, and with the amount of golfers looking for an outlet right now, you'll want to book a tee time in advance, and you can do that here. It's located in Town Square over by Cinergy.

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