Getting up and getting the family in Amarillo donuts is a treat that the kids look forward to. Heck, even my big kid always asks for one morning that I bring home donuts when I leave work. She has to have her cherry donuts at least once when she is in time. That just screams childhood to her.

She wants to make sure her own daughter enjoys the childhood treats that mom grew up loving. When I make the trip to Donut Stop I glance at the parking lot and then glance at the drive-through line. That is when I make the snap decision on what will be faster.

If the drive-through is not crazy I will stay in the line. If it is I then park and run in. I have no issues getting out of my car and making the trip inside. I am especially thankful for that decision when I am walking out with my prized donuts and I still see a pretty long line.

The problem is that the Donut Stop on Georgia has taken that choice away from us. Oh at first I thought it was just temporary. It may still be but that temporary has been going on for weeks.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The sign went up on the front door directing us that the lobby was closed. It was a busy weekend. Then I saw a truck that belonged to a plumbing company in town. I thought, great this is going to be fixed.


That was over two weeks ago. The sign is still up. The lobby is still closed. The only choice you have is to go through the drive-through or go to a different location. How long is this going to go on?

Maybe they just decided this was just easier. It's possible. They need fewer employees to just have the drive-thru open. I know they were having issues, like a lot of businesses finding employees. That issue has led to them closing on Sundays.

So I get it. I just really miss being able to run in and grab my donuts.

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