It is a lot of work when it comes to running a food truck. No, you don't have all of the same headaches as a brick-and-mortar restaurant. There are problems nonetheless. Problems with equipment. Problems with the location. Problems with the weather. The same problems with supplies. It just may be on a smaller level but they do exist.

Then there are the unexpected and added problems of stuff that are out of your control. That is what happened with Sweet Sipz food truck. They announced in mid-December that their food truck was involved in a freak accident. That is an added stress when you have to transport the truck to a location. Accidents happen.

This accident left them having to close for the remainder of the year. It left the added headache of dealing with insurance. What a pain. They had to decide what their next move was going to be.

Early January left Amarillo with the news that they didn't want. Sweet Sipz decided they were going to have to close down. No more great drinks. No more wonderful cookies and such.

I get it. It got to be too much. So what would be the next step? At the end of last month, they decided to try to give Sweet Sipz new life. How? By putting the business up for sale.

That is the logical next step. How long would it be before they found a new owner? Who would the owner be? What would end up happening to the business? Will they keep it the same or change it up? So many decisions to be made.

Then the news we were waiting for happened. It really didn't take very long. A couple of weeks at most.

So Sweet Sipz has a new life. They will be back around town. Just keep an eye out and support another great food truck here in Amarillo.

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