It was earlier this year when I got to stop by and do a review of a new place in Amarillo. Ok, when I am given the task of trying new food I am excited. I mean I am all about food. I don't care what type it is I am in and will try it.

So when I was asked to give Montana BBQ a try, I thought ok. I don't know what it is but I am game. So I headed over to 406 Cook Shack on Sixth Street. The location was great and being on Sixth I was worried about the parking. That was not an issue because they had a designated parking lot for their customers. So that was a win.

I ordered a few things off of the menu and I really enjoyed it. The only thing that worried me was this being Amarillo. Were we ready for a place that boasted that they served anything but Texas BBQ?

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We are really proud of our BBQ here and I get it. We do it right here in Amarillo. We really do. Are we too proud of our own to give any other kinds a try? Would that be their demise?

I mean do you remember when Krispy Kreme tried to come here? They didn't last very long because we are so anti-anything that isn't Donut Stop. So it didn't matter that Krispy Kreme made dang good donuts. They would be run out of town by Donut Stop fans.

Yes, you can still get Krispy Kreme at some gas stations and stores but their storefront location is gone. Would that happen to 406 Cook Shack as well? I mean 406 is the area code for Montana. They were not hiding their difference in the name.

We tried to go back the other day to get some more of their great Montana BBQ and guess what? They are not open. So we did some searching and they haven't had a presence on Social Media in a long time. I did a search on Google Maps and that is when I saw this:


credit: Google Maps
credit: Google Maps

The dreaded "permanently closed" in red. Yes, they are closed. I have no idea when this happened. Was it recently? Have they been closed for a while? What happened? Does anyone know?

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