We have this game we like to play in Amarillo. We find new construction around town and we want to know what is going on. Are we getting a new restaurant? Are we getting a new business? What is it?

Will it be another coffee shop? Will it be another convenience store? We go through all of the questions. We even turn to social media to see what everyone else thinks. Sometimes they know. Sometimes we get the answer to "What is going in this location?" and we laugh when the guess is always Cheesecake Factory.

Yes, we would love to get a Cheesecake Factory here. We just know that any new place is going to have that response. It has never been true. Yet. We also didn't believe we would ever get a Buc-ee's but that is going to happen before too long. So we can go ahead and dream.

So recently when I was driving down I40 and had to exit on Coulter I just had to laugh. There is a business here in Amarillo that is just playing with us. Yes, they have a sense of humor. I can respect that.

They are working on a new place and they know the questions are going to be out there. So they are helping us right along.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So I give kudos to whoever made the banner. It's messing with us. It's making us laugh. We are asking that exact question. So it is doing what its goal is. We are asking the question and wanting the answer of course.

There are a lot of guesses. Of course, the general consensus is that it will be another coffee shop since we seem to get a lot of those. One guessed that it will be another 7 Brew since they say it looks like the one on Western.

I just wish whatever it ends up being they use the WTF name......maybe use those letters to be the first letters in the name. One of the suggested answers that will fit this bill is that it is going to become a West Texas Fresh.

That is for sure a very good possibility. So until we know for sure what the heck this is going to be we will just enjoy the smile.

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