Travelling Around Georgia Street Will Be A Nightmare
I have lived in Amarillo for a big portion of my life. I know how construction can be. It seems it is never over. It’s part of life that we jus have to deal with. Once it is done then in a certain area it gets better but while it is going on it can seem just the longest.
Amarillo Mornings Can Be Brutal
Nothing is worse than waking up on the wrong side of the bed. That just starts your day off in the worst way possible. Those are the mornings that drivers on I40 seem to cut you off. You can't handle it. You just want to get to your job Downtown as soon and as with as little drama as possible.
Man Found Dead In Drainage Culvert On I-40E In Amarillo
Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is investigating a death that comes across as very suspicious.  A deceased man was found in a drainage culvert at the 2100 block of I-40E.  There is no real indication that this was a homicide, but the suspicious circumstances surrounding the man's death has brought Special Crimes in to assist the investigation.
Amarillo Police Need Help Finding The Red Truck That Caused Accident On I40
If you had to take a trip in your vehicle this afternoon in Amarillo, you no doubt saw traffic on I40 just trickling down the highway.  A horrible accident took place and a woman was badly injured as well.  The driver and his truck that caused the entire accident left the scene without any remorse, Amarillo police officers seek help in identifying the driver of the red truck in this hit and run. R