It really is important to our communities to have great parks for our families. It is such a blessing to have somewhere fun to take the kiddos. Who has not taken advantage of our city parks? I feel at one time or another we have either been a kid playing in one or having a child run up to a swing for that fun.

So I feel that parks are a responsibility we have. I know that time and time again we hear people complain that they don't want their taxes to go up. It doesn't matter what the plans are for the funds.

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Oh, but then we get mad if the plans are to close some of our parks because the city can't keep up with the repairs and the upkeep. So what can we as a community do to stop this problem?

What About We All Help to Keep Our Parks Beautiful?

I really think that the City of Canyon came up with the perfect solution. How about adding a couple of dollars to your utility bill that will then be used for future park improvements?

it's just a couple of dollars that you probably won't notice in the long run. There are no taxes going up. Suppose we all elect to do that it is a one-time choice. You won't even notice it every month. This money will be great for keeping the Canyon Parks going.

That sounds like something that Amarillo should consider doing. We can all work together to keep our parks going strong. We can all do this by choice and not by taxes that we are forced to pay.

What a wonderful world this really could be. When we all work together for the greater good and not worry so much about the small things that we tend to focus on.

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