Fun family activities in Amarillo are what it is all about. Finding ways to get the family out of the house and having a good time is what those memories are made of. Your kids will have those fun times to think back on, and that is the way it should be.

Childhood Memories are the Best

I remember when I was a kid a local neighborhood club would have fun activities like a goldfish swim. They would dump hundreds of goldfish in the pool and we kids would go in and collect as many as we could to then bring home. I don't think an activity like that would fly these days. Oh, but it was so much fun.

We also had a penny dive where this same pool would be filled with different denominations of coins. Us, kids would again jump in and collect as many of the coins as possible. We would then have ice cream money for later when the ice cream truck drove by. See those are the fond memories I have.

How About an Easter Egg Hunt in the Dark?

Amarillo has a chance for you to have this kind of memories with your kiddos. It looks to be a lot of fun just in time for Easter. How about a nighttime Easter egg hunt using flashlights? Doesn't that sound pretty cool? Definitely something different than just the regular everyday Easter Egg hunt.

That is what the Warford Activity Center is offering for the family this Easter season. For just $10 per person, your family can enjoy this fun evening activity. What if you have a large family? For just $50 you can get your whole family of five or more in as well.

Get signed up for this Easter Egg that is a little bit on the different side. It will be a lot of fun. Sign up HERE.

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