When driving near 58th and Georgia lately it was highly noticed how fast they are moving on their new projects. We have the Chick-fil-A being built. They are working on that. Then there is the other food project.

A two-for-one location. I'm talking about the Joe Taco and OVR EZE breakfast place. That is coming up. It looks like a restaurant. It finally looks like it really is moving along.

How Soon Before They Are Ready to Open?

Well you know you are getting close when they start the hiring process. According to Joe Taco Georgia Facebook page, they are getting close. That is music to our ears. At least when it comes to the Joe Taco location. I can't imagine the OVR EZE will be far behind at all.

So they are hiring kitchen staff right now. Ok, perfect. Joe Taco Georgia is also taking applications for front-of-house staff. Nice. They will start the interviewing and training in late May. So that seems about right. They then can train in early June. We can have tacos by the official start of summer.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

That seems perfect. Since we lost our Joe Taco in Downtown Amarillo we have been counting down for this location to open. Yes, there is still one in the Medical District. There is still one in Canyon.

We want our Joe Taco on Georgia. It is coming along and they are looking for staff. The first step to actually getting open. I, for one, can't wait. I have been missing my Joe Taco.  Just curious if it will be an order at the counter location like Downtown Amarillo was. Or will they be like the other two restaurants with wait staff?

I think with this job post they are going to be more like the one on Coulter and the one in Canyon. I just can't wait to have another

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