Ahhh spring is nearly here. You can tell by the sounds of sniffling in the air. You know the allergies are strong here in the Texas Panhandle. As things start blooming. You will be thinking about ways to spring-clean your place.

Nothing feels better than a clean house. Heck, it could help with your allergies too. Getting all the dust out is a nice feeling. De-cluttering is so wonderful. Taking a look around your home and knowing all that hard work leads to a clear mind and hopefully a clearer head.

As you are de-cluttering you will want to take a look in your closet. How long has that shirt been hanging there untouched? How about that dress? Oh, you have a ton of winter jackets that you just don't use.

So you realize that you can create a win-win for your family. You can clean out your closets. Get rid of clothes you have just hanging there but you can also donate them to people in Amarillo that can really use them.

There are a couple of ways you can go about this. You can donate to places that will re-sell your items and they will use that money to help out. Or you can donate to places that give your clothing items to people who are needing them. This could be the homeless or people that just really need to start over.

Both ways are great. Both ways help out plenty of people. Oh, and both ways get your closets cleaned out. Which will make you feel great.

A lot of places will even come to your home and pick up your donations. Which is always helpful. If not throw your items in a box and put them in your trunk. Get them dropped off so that you can be part of the solution.

If you are donating to a location that will give directly to people in need I would call first and see exactly what they need.

Donations to Needy People

  • Martha's Home - 1204 SW 18th Ave
  • Love in Action - 608 N Polk
  • Faith City Mission - 600 N Tyler
  • The Salvation Army - 400 S Harrison
  • Colorful Closets - You can drop-off clothes at a few dry cleaners here in Amarillo. They will make sure to clean your donations and get them where needed.

Donations to Donation Centers for Resale

  • Goodwill - 1904 Bell St.
  • Downtown Women's Center - 814 SW 10th
  • The Salvation Army - 1211 SE 27th Ave

Wherever you decide to drop off your donations just know you will be doing good. You will get your stuff cleaned out but more importantly you will be helping those in Amarillo that are in need.

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