I understand that every city has their share of problems. There is violence no matter where you go and it's inevitable that you will either witness or be a part of a crime at some point in your life.

The problem is that crimes are happening so often that we can't even go outside at night anymore.

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Recently there was a robbery that happened at John Stiff Park here in Amarillo. Three suspects approached a couple of individuals shortly before 11pm last Tuesday and demanded that they hand over their property. They were brandishing guns and even hit one of the victims in the face with it after gaining their purses and money.

Shortly after, the two of the three suspects approached a man, put a gun to his cheek, then demanded he hand over his property. That man decided to fight back, but was ultimately beaten by the two men and had his stuff taken.

Have we gotten to a point in Amarillo where being outside our home once the sun goes down is detrimental to our health or life? I remember when you could go on a date with someone, and take that moonlit walk in the park to cap the evening off.

Now, you have to either be in a completely lighted area with people around, or just call it an evening way too early. Look, I like taking walks and being outside once the sun goes down, I used to be able to do it in Austin all the time...Austin.

Why does Amarillo have such a high crime rate and reports of things like this happening in such a small city? Why isn't it safe to be out after dark? Who is responsible for making it such an unsafe place to be once the sun goes down?

I don't have the answers to any of that, and right now, it appears no one does. All I know is that it needs to be cleaned up, and fast.

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