I can't be the only one that loves to scroll through homes that are for sale in Amarillo. I love to see what is out there. What I could be living in if, well, money was no object. I mean who wouldn't love a little update?

Who wouldn't love to have more room to grow? There are so many great homes around town. I love to see what people do with the space that they have. I love homes with huge closets. I love lots of storage.

Wouldn't you love a home with a nice backyard so that you can entertain on the weekends? Even a media room would be great. A place where the family can escape and spend a lazy Saturday with a huge bowl of popcorn. Again Amarillo has places for sale that offer all of that.

This beautiful home in Wolflin has it all. Check out the listing from Theresa E Cruz with Larry Brown, REALTORS.

Oh, and let me know when the first backyard barbecue will be or the first movie night. I am in.

Look A Beautiful Home in Wolflin That Can Be Yours

A lot of space, a beautiful backyard, a girl's dream media room for all those princess movies.

Look a Room With a View and So Much More

looking for a view? On a golf course? With plenty of room to entertain?

Check this beauty out!

Look a Home You Can Afford in Amarillo

Need an affordable home with a hot tub? Check this out!

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