One of the things we love about going to the zoo is seeing all these different, exotic animals we wouldn't normally see anywhere else.

We view them as these majestic creatures that are untouchable and an absolute sight to see. We hear stories about when these animals pass away and it's always a sad day around a city, especially if you've seen the particular animal that had passed.

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Now, how about if I told you that you can actually go on an exotic animal hunt where you can shoot these animals? No joke, this is a real thing. Can you imagine taking down a zebra? Well, you don't have to just imagine it, you can actually do it.

J Bar J Ranch is located in Hedley, TX. which is about an hour outside of Amarillo, and you can go on hunts for some exotic animals that you usually gawk over seeing in the wild.

Now fair warning, these hunts are not cheap, and they're likely to rub some people the wrong way. I understand it. However, as they say, there's something for everyone.

These hunts include exotic animals such as the aforementioned zebra, White Tail Deer, Red Sheep, and Arabian Oryx. Seriously, these are not animals you see just roaming around very often, especially in the Amarillo area.

You will embark on a 2 1/2 day hunt, where you'll have lodging and three meals a day provided for you, and depending on what it is you're hunting, you can plan on spending anywhere from $3,500 to $8,500 for the guided hunt. If it's White Tail you're after, those prices will range between $4,000-17,000, Like I said, not cheap.

They also do bird hunts for Quail, Spring Turkeys, and others. Those hunts are a bit cheaper and a little less exotic by nature.

As I said, these hunts aren't for everyone, and I know just the thought of it will rub some the wrong way. I was just stunned that there was such a thing that you could do.

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