It was just a short time ago that we were paying around $2.35 in Amarillo for gas. It was really nice. Since it was above $3 not too long ago. So when we can get a break on the price of gas it seems life is easier.

Everything else is affected by the price of gas. When it is high so is everything else. It costs to get stuff sent to our location. That takes gas. Someone has to pay that cost. It ends up being rolled into the price of the items we need.

The Price of Gas is Going Up Again

So when the gas goes down we do notice. We do even celebrate it a bit. Then the price goes up and it hurts. That is where we are now. Gas over $2.60 a gallon. So we look for ways to save money.

We need gas. We need to get to work. We need to get our kids to school. It doesn't matter how much it costs we have to try to find a way to pay so we can make sure that our day-to-day is not changed.

We may cut back on going anywhere extra. We may start eating at home more. The price of gas does change a lot for us. So if we can watch that price at the pump go down at all that is what we want.

How Can You Save Money When You Need to Fuel Up?

That is why I am a huge fan of any kind of rewards program. Most places in Amarillo have something in place. The more discounts you have the better. You don't limit yourself to where you can stop to fill up.

You can become a member of each local place like Toot n Totum or United. You can also check out the national programs from companies like Valeror or Phillips 66. Don't forget Sam's is a good place to get cheaper gas.

We have ways for you to save money. Make sure you get signed up. Every little bit helps.

Membership in Amarillo for Gas Has it's Privileges

Places to sign up and get membership prices and discounts on gas

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett/TSM


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