Someone Broke Into The Walgreens On Georgia
I feel like I am a constant fixture at two places near my house. I live at Market Street United and the Walgreens on Georgia. Those are my go-to places. Just stopping at those two places can get me anything I need for the week.
People In Amarillo Are Paying Even Cheaper Gas Prices
It's been crazy to watch the price of gas through all of this covid-19 outbreak. I went to Dallas and the cheapest I paid was $1.04 per gallon. I thought that was crazy. Crazy enough that I had to stop and fill up even if I could have made it all the way home.
Another DJ Earworm Mashup – United State Of Pop 2011 (World Go Boom) [Video]
DJ Earworm is back with another mashup!  DJ Earworm, whom is a San Francisco/London based DJ, started doing the United State Of Pop mashups back in 2007 and has released one every year since.  Basically, a mix featuring the top 25 tracks of the year all mashed up into one.  They're always very ear catchy and so far 2009's has been my favorite, but hold on, he released 2011's on Christmas Day and i