There is nothing better for the state of Texas than hearing that we are getting a lot of drugs off of our streets. Everything is bigger and better in Texas including our drug busts.

Here we are only two months into the new year and we have already had some really big busts. Which is nothing but kudos to our law enforcement for making this possible. When it comes to all the work they have to do to make these busts possible we can only be grateful for it.

Texas Drug Bust Number One

When you live in a border town you can only imagine the amount of drugs trying to be brought over. This was the case in early February when two hundred and twenty-five pounds of drugs were taken out in El Paso.

On two separate occasions, two different Mexican citizens arrived at Ysleta Port Entry in El Paso via the car lane. Just trying to drive over into Texas with a little extra something in their car. After inspection and even bringing the dogs over they were both busted.

The first had 16.55 pounds of cocaine in her vehicle. The second vehicle ended up with an even bigger haul. They were able to clean up  40.03 pounds of fentanyl and 41.13 pounds of methamphetamine concealed within the vehicle. Those are some good days.

Texas Drug Bust Number Two

Later in the month, the dates may have changed but the story stays the same. We head to Eagle Pass, another Texas border town. This time Customs and Border Protection officers seized 6.5 tons of methamphetamine in a bust. It is the largest seizure at a port of entry in a single enforcement action.

This began with a truck needing a second inspection. That second inspection? It led to the discovery of nearly 13,101 pounds of methamphetamine. That one bust was a big win in that it pretty much helped keep those drugs out of Texans' hands. It probably even helped to prevent an untold number of people from ruining their lives.

Since Methamphetamine has a high potential for dependency and recreational abuse. Being able to take that much off the streets is great news for Texas and the rest of the country.

Only two months in and already our streets are a lot safer. Let's keep up the good work and take down the bad guys.

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**Last updated: September 23, 2023

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Note from editor: An indictment is not a conviction. All individuals shown below who have not appeared in court for a judgement are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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