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Since 1985 Texans have heard the phrase, 'Don't Mess With Texas'. Ever since then Texans, for the most part, have learned not to trash Texas highways thanks to clever marketing from the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) resulting in a cleaner Texas and cleaner highways.

So when two Texas cities appear in the top 10 of the 'Dirtiest Cities In America In 2023' list, of course, we're going to take notice because it's a top ten list that you never want your city to appear on.

How did these two Texas cities get this distinction?

Following the holidays LawnStarter conducted a survey looking at more than 200 of the biggest cities in America and dialed in on pollution, living conditions, infrastructure, and consumer satisfaction and found that Houston came in on top of the list of the 'Dirtiest Cities In America'. Houston isn't the only Texas city appearing in the top 10, San Antonio also made it on the list coming in at #7.

Being a Texan, you'd think a city from the Northeast would be on top of the list but that's not the case this year because Houston took it over from last year's winner, Newark, NJ.

Here's a look at the top 10 dirtiest cities in America:

1 - Houston, TX
2 - Newark, NJ
3 - San Bernardino, CA
4 - Detroit, MI
5 - Jersey City, NJ
6 - Bakersfield, CA
7 - San Antonio, TX
8 - Fresno, CA
9 - Oklahoma City, OK
10 - Yonkers, NY

Our East Texas neighbor the the east, Shreveport, LA, came in as the 11th dirtiest city in America.

I've visited Houston and San Antonio a couple of times throughout 2023 and both of these cities appeared as if their residents haven't been 'Messing With Texas'. Each city seemed clean and litter-free, but I will say I was in the touristy part of town and wasn't deep into the neighborhoods or other parts of town that might have been extremely dirty.

Check out LawnStarter to see where cities like New York, LA, Las Vegas, Orlando, and others ended up in the survey.

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