Mythical creatures are something everyone has thought about, we've heard tales and legends all of our lives.   Not to mention television and movies have made us wonder could these creatures be real.

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Mermaids, unicorns, genies, and gnomes are just a few of the kinder mythical creatures we might want to encounter.  Vampires, werewolves, and trolls seem to be the darker mythical creatures.

People all over the world have seen some form of all of these mythical creatures.

What about Bigfoot?

Children of the 80s were introduced to a cute cuddly version of a bigfoot in Harry and the Hendersons.  Nearly every kid dreamed of having Harry come live with them, who cares if he tore up their parent's house, or destroyed the neighbor's pool by taking a bath?

Most tales of bigfoot take place in northern states in the USA, mainly the northwest in the mountains, but tales are found all over including Texas.

In fact, there was a sighting of Bigfoot in Palo Duro Canyon. 

Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark

Recently, a story of seeing Bigfoot was recounted on Phantoms and Monsters.  A man told his story of seeing Bigfoot at the age of 11.

This boy, now man lived in Childress and was playing in his backyard, doing the typical things boys do in the dirt, playing with rocks and sticks and imagination.   Then, he followed a trail of trash into the trees picking it up.   As one would see in nature in the area, a deer startled him and was just standing there in the trees.  However, something else was lurking in the trees with him, what the boy thought was a deer watching him wasn't a deer at all, the deer had a deer-in-the-headlights look but it wasn't looking at the boy it was looking at a creature lurking in the trees.

The man recounted that this creature was tall, black, and standing among the trees.  The deer took off and left this creature watching the boy.  The man claims he didn't feel scared so he just finished picking up the trash as the creature watched.

The man never saw the creature again and believes that he had an encounter with Bigfoot in  Childress, Texas.  

Have Bigfoots made their way south into the realms of the Texas Plains? A prairie sasquatch.   Did they make their way through the mountains of Colorado and New Mexico to become creatures of the Texas Plains?  Unfortunately, with the lack of trees, they would not find many places to hide.

Although this happened to this man 8 years ago, is Bigfoot still lurking in Childress protecting the town?

Are bigfoots mythical creatures?  Do they travel through portals or do they migrate like animals?  Are they human or just creatures sent to protect? These are the many questions that may never be answered.

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